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Feels1 by Psycho-Slayer Feels1 :iconpsycho-slayer:Psycho-Slayer 0 0
If You Were in the Room Right Now
If you were in the room right now I would touch you. I would wrap my arms around you and hold you tight to my chest, so I could hear the smallest breath from your lips. Feel every beat of your heart. I would touch you with my fingers, just the tips and caress your face, the line of your jaw, the arch of your eye brow, the curve of your back, the hollow of your neck.
If you were in the room right now I would touch you. I would hold you. I would love you.
:iconpsycho-slayer:Psycho-Slayer 0 0
Pinkie Bat Pie Bounce  coloured by Psycho-Slayer Pinkie Bat Pie Bounce coloured :iconpsycho-slayer:Psycho-Slayer 0 0 Pinkie Bat Pie Bounce by Psycho-Slayer Pinkie Bat Pie Bounce :iconpsycho-slayer:Psycho-Slayer 1 0 Atlantis Heraldry by Psycho-Slayer Atlantis Heraldry :iconpsycho-slayer:Psycho-Slayer 2 0 Love by Psycho-Slayer Love :iconpsycho-slayer:Psycho-Slayer 1 4 Dai the Hero by Psycho-Slayer Dai the Hero :iconpsycho-slayer:Psycho-Slayer 2 2 Genie by Psycho-Slayer Genie :iconpsycho-slayer:Psycho-Slayer 5 10 Icarus by Psycho-Slayer Icarus :iconpsycho-slayer:Psycho-Slayer 1 19
Mature content
Dreaming of You :iconpsycho-slayer:Psycho-Slayer 0 4
Zanaria Coloured by Psycho-Slayer Zanaria Coloured :iconpsycho-slayer:Psycho-Slayer 2 12 Shattered Visage by Psycho-Slayer Shattered Visage :iconpsycho-slayer:Psycho-Slayer 1 6
Ahh, to sit at home and dream
Of worlds apart  so unlikly seem
To be a wandering of the mind
And glare at you as your failure entwined
Within my soul I dare to reap
A harvest of hope a glimmer to keep
A piece of joy, of hope, of love
And stay together like turtle dove'
But not for me that hope is gone
I can only sit and dream my song
Alone again I see myself
Sitting here like a musing elf
:iconpsycho-slayer:Psycho-Slayer 0 4
I fell in love.  From the first moment I saw her, my heart was stolen.  I could hardly draw my eyes from the divine beauty that stood before me.  A vision clad in black velvet and purple silk.  Her waist drawn to proportions beyond perfection by metal ribbing and silk cloth.
From that second forth my mind was full with singular thoughts of the pristine beauty that walked the earth beside us mortal men.  My work, my thoughts, my play all led to down one singular path, a path that led to her, a path that led to my new goddess who ruled my life.
Never before had feelings like these, the vortex that is love, brought me in this direction.  Always this crimson tide had had dragged at my heels, dragged me to immeasurable depths of despair and self loathing.  But as my feelings for her grew I felt the vortex, through which I had fought upwards each previous fall, lift me.  A breath of warm air, elating me further t
:iconpsycho-slayer:Psycho-Slayer 2 6
Even Angels Must Shower by Psycho-Slayer
Mature content
Even Angels Must Shower :iconpsycho-slayer:Psycho-Slayer 2 4
alucard2 coloured by Psycho-Slayer alucard2 coloured :iconpsycho-slayer:Psycho-Slayer 2 16

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Sunshine by PoisonIvyFrenchKiss Sunshine :iconpoisonivyfrenchkiss:PoisonIvyFrenchKiss 4 16
..::.. Does it make me ?..::..
I am dreaming
Of being hurt
Having them make me bleed
I am dreaming of the things
I wish not to dream of
Do they make me selfish
Or they make me a bitch ?
To think of the things
To want them like this
I am dreaming
Of being hurt
Being yelled at
Tormented by my friends
By everyone
Hated by the people I love most
The things that occure
With certain people
Tear me apart
Does that make me selfish
Does it make me a bitch ?
To think these thoughts in my head
Wanting to be treated even more like
To use the word bitch
In the sense it's not meant to
To say the term Jesus fucking christ
In public places
Does it make me rude ?
Does it make me selfish
Does it make me a bitch ?
To be lost deep within my  head
Lost within my head
I am dreaming
So deep I am dreaming
Life passes by
I see a smile on my face
It's just fake
I am dreaming
Of being hurt by them
Being hurt so bad that  I bleed
And crumble in the dirt
Cry cry cry
I am dreaming
All is truth
Does it make me sel
:iconvel-asunai:Vel-Asunai 2 5
.:. That will never be .:.
One faded afternoon
Somebody walks on the stone
The dreamer known to shine
Like the bright red moon
When the fire lights the sky
And burns the evergreen trees
The dreamer dreams her dreams
And hopes her fantasies
Though none of them are real
For she is  a lonely soul
Wishing for alot of things
That will never make it to
The realm we call reality
One evening as it rains
She goes to school and sings
Only to be laughed at and called names
And on the way home
She almost gets hit by a train
Wandering far to a place
She doesn't belong
And she goes to talk to those
Who can offer comfort
To only find the treachery
Of despair and lonely
For those she wished to talk to,
Were always busy
And when she went to her parents room
Instead of finding rest
She found nothing but name calling
Disease, worthless pest
For even though her life was not
The worst that there ever was
She mourns and cries in reverie
Hoping to fly
But each day that that girl walks by
You see her frown turned to smile
:iconvel-asunai:Vel-Asunai 1 5
Innocence In A Bottle by PoisonIvyFrenchKiss Innocence In A Bottle :iconpoisonivyfrenchkiss:PoisonIvyFrenchKiss 3 11
:: Hey There ::
Hey there
Look at you
What are you doing
Looking at the moon
Hey there
Look at you
What are you doing
With that knife ?
Hey there
Look at you
What are you doing
Running in the night ?
Hey there
Look at you
What are doing
Being a fool?
Hey there
Look at you
What are you doing
Falling in the snow
Hey there
Look at you
What are you doing
Dwelling in despair
Hey there
Look at you
What are you doing
Crunmbling and falling down
It's blood
It hits the ground
Hey there
Look at you
What are you doing
Lying there ?
Hey there
Look at you
What are you doing
With your name there ?
That grey stone
That states your birth year
That grey stone
That sits on the lawn
Merged with the dead of the dawn
Hey there
Look at you
What are you doing
Being lowered there
Into the ground
With worms and snails
Hey there
Look at you
What are you doing
Twirling around
Flying with wings
Escaping the mound
Hey there
Look at you
What are you doing
Goodbye to you
Goodbye to you.
:iconvel-asunai:Vel-Asunai 2 5
Why not me ? by Vel-Asunai Why not me ? :iconvel-asunai:Vel-Asunai 2 16 Spider web by Vel-Asunai Spider web :iconvel-asunai:Vel-Asunai 8 13 Daemons Page 1 by TanisHalfElven Daemons Page 1 :icontanishalfelven:TanisHalfElven 0 22
I want to be with you
To a pain of the heart
A sadness that rules
So badly I want to be
With you
And so much you'll tell me
That I can't
'Cuz I hurt you to much
I know that path
But I'll change this time
I've learned my mistakes
Only when you don't have someone
For a few days
Or maybe a few weeks
Months or years
Do you realize just how much
You really care ....
And I just want to
Make you happy right now
Though it seems that I can't
I always fail
And I feel guilty
That's who I am
But I don't want to be
Just want to make you
Perhapes the others can
Maybe she can
I know she makes you laugh
But it hurts to know I'm leaving
Behind someone like you
So different from the others
More understanding too
And I just want to
Make you happy
This time
I know that it is much to ask
To ask you this tonight
But can you please forgive me
And try again once more ?
'Cuz I really love you
Even more then before
And I really want to be
With you right now today
And I feel the sorrow in my heart
Grow with
:iconvel-asunai:Vel-Asunai 1 8
mignight lily by alith-ai mignight lily :iconalith-ai:alith-ai 1 14 acid rose-I by alith-ai acid rose-I :iconalith-ai:alith-ai 1 7 White Snow by Vel-Asunai White Snow :iconvel-asunai:Vel-Asunai 6 16
I walk away
I walk away
When things go bad
I just stare at you
With my emotionless eyes
Even though it hurts deep inside
The hole in my heart
It grows more each day
As the things I Deal with
Tear me apart today
I walk away
When you're crying
When you're sad
When you're yelling at me
I look at you with my eyes
Of hurt and of pain
And I turn my back to you today
And walk away to my dismay
To the darkness and the cold
To a place of lonliness
And I walk away
From you and from myself
'Cuz I don't know what to do anymore
Hurtin you 'cuz I hurt msyelf
And I always bring you down
'Cuz I'm always down
And I am depressed
So I walk away
It's better I'm not here
Better I'm not near
'Cuz when I'm not you can't hurt
And there's no blood shed
So I walk away
To the dark cloud in the sky
To the place that I don't know
'Cuz when I'm not here
You can't hurt
You can't cry
You can't suffer
Hold me tonight
So I walk away
I look you in the eyes
And I walk my  cold body away
No expression in the face
That you s
:iconvel-asunai:Vel-Asunai 3 7
Forgiven by FathomMT93 Forgiven :iconfathommt93:FathomMT93 1 2


Dark by zeiva Dark :iconzeiva:zeiva 26,504 843 Just a Puppet by carpenoctem Just a Puppet :iconcarpenoctem:carpenoctem 78 37 Point Grey Sunset by 2378-TCDD Point Grey Sunset :icon2378-tcdd:2378-TCDD 5 11 lucidae by spyroteknik lucidae :iconspyroteknik:spyroteknik 602 97 Data.collection.point.C by spyroteknik Data.collection.point.C :iconspyroteknik:spyroteknik 731 152 and all that could have been by asunder and all that could have been :iconasunder:asunder 174 109 Voyage by azhrarn
Mature content
Voyage :iconazhrarn:azhrarn 4,307 672
Azhrarn by azhrarn Azhrarn :iconazhrarn:azhrarn 15,047 1,568



United Kingdom
Current Residence: Home
Favourite style of art: Anime
Favourite cartoon character: Alucard, Chi
Been a while since i wrote one of these... like over 3 years....... about time for an update then.

Im at uni now.... Media Production degree... other than that little has changed for me.

half my course this year is design, im gonna put up alot of the work i do on here (at least im planning to) and also any other bits i end up making.

But yeah, im gonna try and be active on here again for any of you out there who are watching me.

Yeah laters folks.
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